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The Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Conference & Exhibition is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following conference theme/key topics:
Impact and Performance

Utilizing real-time applications and automation minimizes downtime and enhances safety and productivity in robotics, pipelines, and refineries

Invest in Digitalization

Investing in digitalization, AI/ML, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Wearable technologies, and Cybersecurity is key to achieving autonomous operations

Opportunities & Challenges

Opportunities and Challenges in Building, Scaling, and Integrating an Immersive Learning Strategy

Case Studies

Best practices and case studies of digitalization to business objectives and technology alignment

Strategic Roadmap

A Strategic Roadmap for E&P’s to Assess every Operation and Identify Digital Leaps for Achieving Specific Business Objective

Leveraging Digitalization

Digital Transformation & Strategy: Change Management, Execution, and Optimizing ROI

Energy Transition

Energy Transition and Decarbonization: Leveraging Digitalization to Accelerate Progress

Risk Management

Determining and Managing Cybersecurity Risks associated with Digitally Connected Assets

Share your insights and expertise, technical innovations and accomplishments at Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Conference by submitting a paper proposal for consideration.

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If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact subject heading “Call for Presentation OGAD2024.”

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    Speaker Guidelines

    Important Guidelines

    Prior To Paper Proposal Submission, go through below guidelines

    FAQ's For Speakers:

    Q.1 What information are you looking for in an speaking submission?

    Ans: Submit one title of your presentation and 3-4 bullet pointers of your talk.

    An abstract should demonstrate that your paper will

    1. Contribute technically sound knowledge in a particular area of petroleum sector.
    2. Not be commercial in nature and will not promote specific companies, products, or services.
    Q.2 Is there a word limit for speaker submission?
    Ans: The suggested limit should as per below format:

    Presentation Title:
    • (20 – 25 Words)
    • (20 - 30 Words)
    • (20 - 30 Words)
    • (20 - 30 Words)
    Q.3 Where is my confirmation of speaker submission?

    Ans: We will send you the speaker confirmation in 5-6 working days after reviewing your submission.

    Q.4 What is the status of my speaker submission?

    Ans: We will notify all co-authors of the status (accepted or declined) of their abstract after the Programme Committee has completed the review and rating period, and made their programme selections.

    Q.5 Can I include a figure or photo in my submission?

    Ans: Yes, you can do it by emailing us.

    Q.6 Can I withdraw my submission after I have submitted it?

    Ans: Yes. Please email the Programme Lead for the conference to ask that your submission be removed from consideration.

    Q.7 Can I submit my submission to multiple PTN conferences at the same time?
    Ans: Yes, speakers/authors are allowed to submit the same submission to multiple conference at a time. Speakers can request a committee to recheck the same submission for another conference. However, We can take the submission into consideration only if required.